Ecology and Intervention in Case of Flood Association
Ecology and Intervention in Case of Flood Association


Since the Association has existed, all the objectives established through annual activity plans have been channeled towards environmental protection, education, culture, promotion of cultural values, animal protection.

Greening actions

Greening of drinking water sources, annually, according to an activity plan:

  • the alpine lakes of the Parâng massif
  • the eastern Jiul, Taia, Jieţ, Maleia, Jigoreasa rivers.
  • the Mureș river and the upper course of the Strei river on the occasion of the annual rafting expeditions on Mureș;

Greening actions in the area of monasteries. Lainici, Prislop, Tismana.

Greening of tourist areas: Parâng, Lunca Florii, Groapa Seacă.

All the actions take place with the participation of children from the general schools in Petroşani.

Actions to promote, inform and popularize environmental protection and ecological principles.

  • the printing of “flyers”, postcards with the theme of environmental protection;
  • the organization of Seminars, meetings with the town halls and the Environmental Guard, with the topic of debate being the fight against pollution;
  • collaborations with bodies empowered in this regard;
  • carrying out studies such as “Development of riparian human society in the course of history, on the Mureş River” – study published in France, Italy, Spain carried out by two high school students members of PETRO AQUA or study on the administration of PETs worldwide (disseminated in schools general);
  • Creation of books or articles such as Ecology and contemporary human society – basics (edited especially for children).

For the same purpose of preventing and combating the pollution of the aquatic environment, hydrological studies were carried out together with children in areas exposed to pollution on the Mures river with people qualified in the field from Casa Apei and PAEM in Alba Iulia, biological studies prepared with representatives of the Center Focal Point for Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Cluj.

All theoretical and practical activities were carried out under the same motto: “If you respect the Creation, you respect the Creator.”

The activities carried out by the Association and – found an echo in over 50 articles in the central and local press as well as in the broadcasts of TVR 1, PRO TV and local television. In these published materials, special emphasis was placed both on the ecological disaster that threatens

Popularization actions related to the importance of protecting water and the environment were diversified by publishing in the local press ecological postcards that captured aspects of environmental aggression and requesting the response to the competent bodies for the notifications made.

Greening and tourist orientation contests, organized by the Petro Aqua Association from Petroşani, took place permanently.

One of the contests, for example, took place in Brădet, the organizers established a 2 km route, 35 min travel time, where the young participants had to identify the markings, travel the route and collect the waste thrown among the trees, and the part the second was a theoretical one.

The days of the Ecological Calendar devoted to planet Earth and all living things, forests, water, fauna, wetlands were marked by articles, communications, signals in the local mass media.

Actions to promote culture

  • Celebrating World Water Day;
  • Events dedicated to Constatin Brâncuşi’s birthday;
  • Religious concerts and Acapella;
  • Poetry recitation;
  • Honoring the memory of important personalities;
  • Carol concerts.

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Other actions

  • Organization Nedeia from Parâng at Troița
  • Miner’s Day celebration
  • Carol concerts
  • Traditional Expedition Rafting on Mureș

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