Ecology and Intervention in Case of Flood Association
Ecology and Intervention in Case of Flood Association



Considering the specific profile of the Association focused on water protection: rivers, alpine lakes, drinking water sources, it undertakes the following actions:

  • the annual greening of the alpine lakes in the area of the Parâng and Şureanu mountains (in these lakes is the source of the drinking springs);
  • the greening of the rivers in Hunedoara county (Jiul de Est, de West, Maleia, Taia, Jupâneasa, Strei and the Mureş river;
  • campaigns to inform and sensitize the population on the importance of protecting rivers, fauna and aquatic vegetation, for the preservation of health and the development of recreational tourism in a healthy environment;
  • awareness of the riverside population regarding the need to protect aquatic biodiversity and watercourses against pollution with domestic, industrial waste, nutrients and poaching

In support of the above, the objectives were realized through:

  • The ecological postcards – sent by children (by which they noticed the outbreaks of pollution affecting the watercourses) – with the greatest impact on the responsible institutions;
  • Marking the days of the Environment Calendar through: articles, exhibitions and public actions (forest day, Earth day, Bird day);
  • Complex ecological investigations by taking water and soil samples and analyzing them from a chemical point of view in specialized laboratories.