Ecology and Intervention in Case of Flood Association
Ecology and Intervention in Case of Flood Association

Animal protection

I don’t know if there is a more genuine love than that of which the non-speaking friends offer to humans.

And yet, although they love unconditionally, and their trust in people knows no bounds, the latter often choose to respond to their love with contempt and disregard.

Many dogs and cats end up abandoned in hard-to-reach places in the middle of the wilderness.

Alone, often abandoned as a very young age, many of these pets have no chance of survival, being killed by wild animals, cars or simply starving to death.

Very few have a chance to live, being found and given love, shelter and food.

Petro Aqua chose not to turn its back on stray dogs, but to approach them with love and dedication.

At Peștera Bolii there are paddocks for abandoned dogs, and the Association, together with other Associations or people with big hearts, makes sure that many orphans do not lack anything.

If you choose to visit Peștera Bolii you will see them, pure beings with hearts full of love who look you in the eye with sincerity. Their gratitude knows no bounds, and if gratitude is truly the highest form of intelligence, as Menis Yousry says, it means that these speechless beings are far more intelligent than other species that are unable to feel gratitude.

Petro Aqua has dedicated itself to the protection of animals with an open heart, expecting nothing in return. And of course it’s not easy, because taking care of them requires effort and commitment

Sometimes it is difficult and because there are far too many abandoned dogs and no matter how much desire to help exists, space and funds become insufficient. But that never stops Petro Aqua and they always find ways to save and protect animals.

Animal protection should not just be a slogan displayed on advertising banners. We should learn to coexist with our speechless friends without looking down on them with arrogance. And more than that. We should take lessons from them, lessons of loyalty and love.

For those like Petro Aqua, animal protection is and always will be a way of life, a priority. In a world that always seeks to exclude, the association includes, welcoming with open arms the least favored of fate.

Maybe, after all, all is not lost for mankind, as long as humanity still exists.

One can hear the melody of an old song, in the distance

Love stray dogs too

They are more honest and sometimes more lordly

Mihai Constantinescu-Love stray dogs too