Ecology and Intervention in Case of Flood Association
Ecology and Intervention in Case of Flood Association

Goals and Plans of Petro Aqua Association and Alba Iulia County Council

Between Petro Aqua Petroșani Association and Alba Iulia County Council, there has been a close relationship of collaboration for a long time, as the partnership agreement between Petro Aqua and Alba County Council proves.

The Petro Aqua Association and Alba Iulia County Council have achieved many goals and have many plans together.

The 4 big goals achieved together

Rebuilding the Salt Road with a 12-metre log raft, exactly following the model of the one built 2000 years ago, which served to cross this, then important ancient route on the Mures River between the ancient Partos Port in Alba Iulia and the current Szeghedin International Port in Hungary on the Tisa River. The route was crossed by raft in 18 days over a distance of 243 kilometres.

Declaration of the Wooden Church of the Tisa as the Church of the Raftsmen. This church was brought from the Serbian Banat to the Tisa by raft, sometime around 1786, on a log raft pulled by 40 oxen and horses upstream on the Mures River, a route of about 53 kilometres.

The initiation of the procedures for full membership of Alba Iulia in the International Raftsmen’s Association, where Petro Aqua was a member. At the IATR International Congress, held in Sarajevo in June 2022, Alba Iulia became a full member of the International Association of Pipers. Since then, Romania has two full members in the association, one NGO, Petro Aqua Petroșani and one municipality, Alba Iulia.

The acquisition of historical, cultural and administrative documents necessary for the preparation of the preliminary stages of the application for Romania’s candidacy for the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage for the Enlightenment of Rafting in Romania”.

Plans in partnership with Alba Iulia County Cou

On 27-28 October, a series of events will take place in Alba Iulia, organised by Alba County Council and the Municipality of Petroșani, in partnership with Petro Aqua Petroșani.

The series of events will include a round table on “A Cleaner Mures for Future Generations” at the National Union Museum. Also in one of the halls of the magnificent historical complex, the current issue of the Romanian Cork Industry will be debated for the areas of the country where the exploitation of wood and salt has been done with rafts since ancient times, but also in the Middle Ages and even in the so-called modern era.

The source of the above text is the article in the Ziarul Văii Jiului written by Corneliu Bran, article entitled A project of “Petro Aqua” Petroșani intends to bring back cork rafting in Romania according to the millenary tradition of this craft practiced on part of our rivers and on the Danube.”

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